I edit and proofread university essays, theses, reports, articles for publication, and other nonfiction and fiction manuscripts.

I work with native and non-native speakers of English, and with people from all over the world.

My editing service includes such things as:

– correcting grammar and punctuation.
– correcting misspellings.
– identifying words that are misused, and offering suitable alternatives.
– converting Australian English to American or Canadian English, or vice versa, as required.
– rewording sentences for clarity and flow.
– ensuring consistency in style and layout.

I return the document to you with all changes tracked, so you can see the changes I have made, as well as my explanatory notes.

I can also provide additional notes on such matters as (where applicable):

– how well your argument flows.
– areas that could be improved with additional content.

For nonfiction (e.g. memoir) and fiction manuscripts (e.g. novels, short stories) I can provide a more extensive content critique (if desired).

I also do poetry critiques, of whole manuscripts or individual poems. (Click here to view my published poetry books.)